February 2008 Income Statement

Wow, we went over budget in almost ever category this month (click on spreadsheet below). Income taxes, vaccines for our dog, food/drinks for a party, gifts, carpet cleaning, replacing our entertainment stand, eating out for our birthdays and Valentine’s Day. You name it we did it.

Thankfully, we had some extra income this month. My wife earned a $59.50 commission, I cashed out $1,239.53 of my company vacation, we earned a $25 HSBC credit card reward, and our neighbor paid us $96 for 6 months of internet.

Next month, in addition to our standard monthly income, my wife may earn an extra ~$1,000 commission from her company. This would help us fund our Roth IRAs. Expensewise, we have a large property tax bill due that will ding our savings pretty good.

2 thoughts on “February 2008 Income Statement”

  1. holy crap, talk about accounting for each and every expenditure! good for you man, that is incredible.

    your honesty is also always great. i feel like readers get the most out of blogs like yours during both the good times and the bad.

  2. Thanks Budgets Are Sexy. I like to find a category for every expense. Sometimes, my wife thinks I have too much free time on my hands.

    I definitely try to keep it real. In reading your blog, it’s obvious you do the same.


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