August 2007 Income Statement

As I mentioned in my July 2007 Income Statement post, I didn’t expected that we would be able to match the relatively low expense levels of July in August. Well, August, with all of its ups and downs, ended up being a great month in terms of our expenses (click spreadsheet below). We only went over budget ~$300, $716.53 of which was for a new mattress. That puts our August expenses $264.69 lower than our July expenses!

In terms of income, August was a mixed bag. I received an extra paycheck this month, but my wife’s 1st paycheck was only for one week. We were able to earn an extra $104.53 thru credit card cash back rewards and $100.00 thru selling our old mattress. And finally, with our increased savings account balance, we earned $12.14 in interest income, our largest amount yet.

September should be a great month incomewise. My wife is expecting a commission check on a job that she referred to her dad’s company (~$700), a final commission check from her old job ($600-$1,000), a final check from the job that laid her off (~$1920), and her first paycheck from her new job(~$1,075). Hopefully, we can continue keeping our expenses down.