The Cost Of Not Flossing Enough

During my visit to the dentist six months ago, I was informed that I needed to floss more because my gums were in bad shape, and might require special deep cleaning. The dental hygienist told me it can cost ~$1,000 to have the deep cleaning performed. Needless to say, I was scared into submission. Since that visit, I have been flossing every other day or so.

I visited the dentist again last week and was told that my flossing had paid off in all but one area, the upper left-hand side of my mouth. In that area, my gums have accentually worsened. With my insurance, it’s going to cost $165 to have the deep cleaning performed. I have a call in with a friend of mine who is a dentist to get his opinion, but, it looks like I’m going to have to have it done. Learn from my mistake about the cost of not flossing enough.

I am so paranoid, I now bring floss with me to work.

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