The Beat Goes On

Thus far, we have done a pretty good job of reducing our expenses while my wife is searching for a new job. To further help our cash flow, we have decided to postpone a $165 deep cleaning that my dentist wanted to schedule this month. Also, if my $1000 business expense posts before my wife has a new job, we will likely pay the minimum to preserve cash.

My wife has had many interviews with various companies and is seriously considering an offer from one. She has arranged a 2nd meeting to learn more about the company and the position before making her decision. The position is in a field that she is not experienced in, but the company has a training program to get her up to speed and she would receive existing accounts in a protected territory. They would like her to start Tuesday of next week, which is great timing for us.

The offer is a $35,000 base, 20% commission, milage reimbursement, laptop, cell phone, and 100% medical insurance paid for. Unfortunately, they do not offer a 401(k), but they are considering adding it down the road. I am only contributing $2,000/year to my 401(k) currently, so we have plenty of room to increase our contributions.

Stay tuned.