Considering Adding Another Dog To The Family

I just returned from my business trip and am happy to be back home. Our neighbor’s dog is over our house and our dog and him are having a lot of fun playing. My wife and I have been discussing getting another dog so that our dog has a playmate and to help with home security while I am away on business.

My wife’s old job allowed her much more time at home to entertain our dog. We’re blessed that her new job will as well, but not for another 1+ years. The new job is going to keep her in the office 10+ hours a day for the next 7 months. Once she’s back out in the field, it is likely that she will have to spend considerable time away from home initially to set up accounts.

We’ve always wanted to get another dog, especially one that would be suitable for home security. Our little dog (13lbs) is very protective of the home, but the most he can do is sound the alarm, he doesn’t have much to back up the bark with.

We plan to spend a couple of hours online tonight researching breeds and discussing the pros and cons. A new dog will cost us a considerable amount of time and money to purchase, train, and care for. Our condo is pretty small, so we’re debating whether or not to wait until we have a house.

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  1. I have a border collie! They are the smartest dog you can ever get. Wonderful, loving, smart, very gentle dogs. I’ve had many dogs before nothing like Border Collies 🙂

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