Real Emergency Fund

I think it’s great to have an emergency fund for unexpected events, such as sickness or job loss. However, if there were ever an emergency that took out the power for a long period of time, such as a major earthquake, it is likely that we would be unable to access our saving accounts or use our credit cards.

My wife and I rarely have more than $20 in cash on us, because we try to charge most of our expenses to our cash back credit cards. This puts us in a tough position if we needed to buy water or gas during an emergency. That being said, we decided to take $150 out of our savings so that we have cash available at home. We requested small denominations ($100 in one dollar bills and $50 in five dollar bills) so that we do not have to worry about getting change.

The money will be hidden in our condo and hopefully never used. We plan to buy a safe within the next year for my wife’s jewelry, important documents, and this emergency cash.

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