Business Travel

I am currently on a business trip and have been thinking about the money I save when I travel.

I travel 6-7 times per year, usually for 1-3 weeks per trip. While it’s hard work being on the road, there are perks. My company reimburses me for my travel costs (i.e. hotel, rental car, meals, etc.). I also use a 1-2% cash back credit card for all trip costs that helps put a few extra dollars directly into my pocket. In addition, my American Airlines Aadvantage and Delta SkyMiles frequent flyer accounts earn me free trips or upgrades.

When I first began traveling for work, I did a poor job of keeping receipts (for reimbursement), didn’t use cash back credit cards, and didn’t have frequent flyer accounts. I often spent more personal money while traveling trying to entertain myself. Now, I make sure my hotel is near nice restaurants and has high speed internet.

While on my business trips, I save money on food, gas, and entertainment. It’s also nice getting away from the office for a few days.

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