Affordable Movie Rentals

There is nothing like relaxing on the couch with your girl, a cocktail, and a great movie to watch. At $4.95/movie for new releases, movie rental costs add up. We’ve thought about signing up for Netflix, but never liked the idea of having to wait for the next movie to arrive in the mail. Blockbuster Total Access solved that problem by offering low cost online movie rentals, and the ability to pick-up rentals at your local Blockbuster.

We chose to go with the $14.99/month plan that allows us to have two online movies out at any time.

Here’s how it works:

1) Select movies online and add them to your queue
2) The movie is mailed within 1 business day
3) After watching the movie, mail it back in the supplied envelope or return it to your local Blockbuster
-Each movie returned to the Blockbuster store in the supplied envelope is good for one free in-store movie rental
4) Once the movie is scanned into the system, either at the store or when they receive the mailed return, the next movie in your queue is mailed

We plan to always return the online movies to our local Blockbuster so that we maximize the number of movies we get per month. You’re also given one free in-store movie rental each month. So, if you run out of online DVD’s to return for in-store rentals, no problem.

You could conceivable get 25 movies a month for the price of what it would regularly cost to rent 3 new release rentals. I doubt we would ever have that much free time or even the desire to watch that many movies. Nonetheless, I’m sure we’ll watch our fair share.

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